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Educating the Whole Person

Where we focus …

In keeping with our overall philosophy within the school and the larger community, Catholic High School focuses on the following areas:

  • To foster students’ relationships with God, leading them toward their fulfillment in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • To develop students in the practices and doctrines of the Catholic faith including opportunities and encouragement to participate in Mass, Confession, worship, prayer, retreats and service.

  • To partner with parents in their children’s scholastic education and faith formation.

  • To facilitate the students’ intellectual growth by providing a college preparatory curriculum with proven educational value and excellence.

  • To discover and develop the God-given talents of students through their participation in the performing and visual arts.

  • To improve the students’ physical and social development through a strong program of interscholastic competition in a variety of sports.

  • To enhance the educational endeavor with a well-developed program of extra-curricular activities.

  • To encourage faith-filled leadership and responsibility through active participation in community service.

Why a Catholic education...

Catholic schools make a unique contribution to today’s Church and society by providing a God-centered education rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. The school, in cooperation and partnership with parents/guardians and in the context of the Catholic community/parish, strives to assist students to relate faith and Gospel teachings to all aspects of human knowledge and faith.

Catholic High School strives to bring Christ to the people in the school community – students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni – as well as the wider community.  The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to the spiritual, intellectual, social, affective, and physical development of our students. 

We view education in terms of message, community, worship, and service. The students and faculty are inspired to appreciate the Catholic faith in their lives, to understand community in a global as well as local sense, to experience personal and communal Sacraments and prayer, and to realize that service to others is basic to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  By these means, students and faculty will grow in their understanding and experience as disciples of Jesus.

High School serves the greater Huntsville metropolitan area and draws students from diverse backgrounds, giving the School a unique mix that reflects the rich variety of contemporary America.  The School fosters, by both word and example, Christian values, which mirror the belief in the special dignity given to each person by Jesus Christ.

The School is committed to responsible stewardship of God’s gifts of talents and abilities for each student.  We view academic excellence as an achievable goal for all students as each learns and grows according to his/her individual talents. We encourage the participation of each student in a well-developed program of athletics and extra-curricular activities, which complements our educational endeavor.  The School is committed to the progressive fostering of self-discipline and independence while providing an environment in which all students can learn to become educated, contributing citizens of the world. Ongoing evaluation of our program and progress helps to ensure that we are properly responding to the genuine needs of our students.

We will encourage, challenge, and support each student to learn enthusiastically, to lead honorably, and to live responsibly in our world.

                                                            ¯ Mission Statement, Catholic High School