Catholic High School
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Frank Chapuran
Frank Chapuran


Frank Chapuran, Chair of the Board, serves also as Chair of the Board’s Future Growth Committee and as a member of the Nominating Committee. Mr. Chapuran has served the Board since 2003.  Mr. Chapuran’s Board participation follows his active role as a founder of Catholic High School. A Licensed Professional Engineer, Mr. Chapuran is Director of Environmental Engineering at Teledyne Solutions, Inc. He attended Catholic grade school, a Jesuit Catholic High School, and a year at Catholic College before entering the U.S. Military Academy to complete a B.S. in Engineering.  He also holds Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering (Construction Management) from Purdue University. Mr. Chapuran served in the Army Corps of Engineers and taught undergraduate-level electrical engineering at West Point. Mr. Chapuran attends Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Huntsville.

“My wife, Carol, and I both benefited tremendously from our own Catholic secondary school educations, and we feel very strongly about the value of a Catholic education at the high school level.  I see my service on the Board as both an opportunity to serve the Church and a personal obligation to this community.”