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A comprehensive presentation of the Roman Catholic faith is the basis of the religion curriculum at Catholic High School.  Five core topic areas are interwoven through out the four grade levels. Sacred Scripture, Roman Catholic literacy, the moral life, grace community, and Catholic Social Teaching are presented with in the specific coursework in each grade.  As part of the religion curriculum, each grade takes time away for a retreat experience to take an opportunity to grow together in prayer and in the personal and communal life with God.  Every religion class will have an opportunity to be instructed in and will carryout assigned responsibilities for liturgical ministries with the Mass
Religion Faculty
Name Email Course
Barbara Romei Religion 11, Religion 12
Fr. Jim Hedderman Religion 9
Fr. Mark Spruill Religion 9
F. Karlos Blackmon Religion 10, Religion 11
Lorrie Pepper Religion 11
Dr. Jim Reisz Religion 9

Religion 9
The freshman year begins with an overview of the Old Testament focused on the Pentateuch, and the history of the Covenant people. The remainder of the coursework is focused on a study of the Church’s creed (what we profess to believe), Tradition, and a study of the history of a nearly 2000-year-old Church.
One credit

Religion 10
The sophomore year provides an introduction to the New Testament and focuses that study on the Gospels of Jesus Christ. After learning about Jesus’ “good news”, the student will apply those teachings to a study of the sacraments of the Church, and a deeper look at God’s Commandments.

One credit

Religion 11
The junior year revisits the Hebrew Scriptures with a study of the Prophets and the Wisdom tradition of the people of the Covenant. The rest of the year will be spent focused on the Christian moral life. Catholic moral theology will assist students in their own personal moral decision-making and will set the groundwork for the problem solving of medical and social issues through a Christian moral lens.

One credit

Religion 12
The senior year begins with a return to the Christian Scriptures to study the Acts of the Apostles, Pauline and catholic letters and Revelation. Seniors are challenged to solidify their personal commitment to God’s call in a study of Christian vocations.  Christian marriage, the Christian family, the religious life, the priesthood and the single life are identified as ways to serve God.  The principles that bolster the rich heritage of Catholic Social teaching will bring the senior year to a close.

One credit