Guidance: Useful Resources


Government information -- A public information page. This site provides you with areas of interest pertaining to educational opportunities. -- contains many useful sites including free online scholarship searches
Student Guide -- This site allows you access to the on-line student guide
FAFSA Online -- the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
NASFAA -- National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Financial Aid Information

New MCPS Scholarship Database
Sallie Mae
American Student Assistance
College Net
The College Board


Scholarship Information

The Scholarship page
The United Negro College Fund
The Hispanic Fund Scholarship page


Other Links

Army ROTC Program is a site describing military-related student aid.

College Aid Offices is a collection of links to student financial aid office Web sites at various colleges and universities. If your school is in this listing, do an online check of its aid process and educational funding information.

E-Span's Career Companion, a widely-based career link site with a financial aid page. This page includes links to the College Board Online (Paying for College) and grad school funding information.

FAQ-Financial Aid is an assortment of useful information about financial aid.

fastWEB Scholarship Search, a retail mall with lots of for-sale student aid products and services, including a free computerized search of more than 180,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page, a comprehensive free resource for student financial aid information on the World Wide Web. Includes a free scholarship search and financial aid calculators.

Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education, displays information about federal aid, the Student Guide, and a downloadable FAFSA Express application.

Peterson's Education Center on the Web, a comprehensive resource for college issues, including search engines to locate education financing information.

Search Engines - use Alta Vista or Infoseek and other engines and directories to search financial aid information. Use keyword of "financial aid" or "scholarships".

Web Resources
-preparations for college
-summer programs
-general information on colleges
-grad school
-financial aid
-do a query for what type of school you are interested in
-gives you a chart of the schools that meet your criteria
-query of your interests and restraints
-gives you the schools that fit your criteria
-allows you to access the home page of those schools
-vague query of interests
-can only access information for some colleges
-gives you a list of colleges in each state
-access the home page of those colleges
-information on community colleges across the country
-search colleges individually
-gives you a map of the college campus, video, and home page of that college
-select 3-4 schools and it gives you a comparison on things offered, cost, population...
-2000 commonly used SAT words
-gives you a list of every college
-can access: homepage, online admissions, send email
-information on financial aid and scholarships
-online applications to hundreds of schools
-help with writing college essays
-search scholarships and financial aid
-ways to save for college
-query of colleges
-apply for colleges
-register for the SAT's
-financial aid information
-they email you information on what you are looking for
-free counseling for financial aid
-scholarship information
-scholarship applications
-athletic scholarships
-general rules for being recruited
-gives a list of the top 50 schools in the country
-click on the school and it gives you more information about it
-you can access the home page and email them
-search by the name of the starting letter of the college
-see map of campus and other information
U.S Department of Education
-gives you links to college searches and scholarships
-keys to admission and acceptance
-scroll to the bottom and you can search a wide range of things for college
-information on technical careers
-education requirements for those careers
-careers in biotechnology
-job descriptions
-background information
-search for internships by career field and location
-search for summer jobs
-career chats
-campus outlook
-search for financial aid information
-go to the individual college home pages
-about fraternities and sororities
-Association of American Medical Colleges
-search states for medical majors available
-what is needed in the major
-sends you to the home pages of the medicine for those colleges
-search college information sites
-query for what is best for you
-collegiate service sites, sports, and media
-college search where you receive mail from that college
-ask questions
-athletic information
-apply online
-search schools by criteria, region, and majors
-background information on schools found in query
-scholarship search
-applications online
-financial aid
-college shopping tups
-search scholarships
-related links
-order a video from the schools you are interested in
-tips for an essay question
-test on careers
-find career and matches to military career
-talks about women in the work force
-information on college admissions
-costs, financial aid availability
-Occupational Outlook Handbook
-employment/projections of labor force
-information on careers
-explore careers
Careers in Computer Science